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With a global reach that spans over 90 countries, our efficient shipping system ensures that orders are expedited with precision. As a trusted spare parts supplier, our automated precision guarantees quality deliveries. For rally enthusiasts, our rally car preparation services provide event readiness, logistics, on-site support, and the option to rent categories such as R5, W2RC, and T3. Meanwhile, our expert mechanics specialize in rebuilds, ensuring the reliability of rally vehicles. Explore our comprehensive range of services that elevate motorsport standards and deliver unparalleled performance.

Global reach and speed

Wevers Sport Efficient Shipping to 90+ Countries

With more than 300 customers and shipments to over 90 countries, Wevers Sport has a fully automated system and a large stock that ensures orders placed before 13:00 hours are shipped on the same day.

Spare Parts

Global reach, automated precision.

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Rally Car

Event Preparation, Logistics and On-Site Service. Renting categories R5, W2RC, T3.

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Ensuring Rallysport Reliability
with Our Expert Mechanics

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